Reversing Prores – Part0

yes I know ProRes encoder was reversed long time ago, for example there 3 different encoders in ffmpeg, but :

  • a) there are several needs which any of ffmpeg version doesnt meet
  • b) seems I`m that kind of person who prefer to invent bicycle

so I started to reverse ProRes encoder on my own. there are min and max goals I will try to achieve:

minimum goal is:

  • create ProRes encoder that produce correct bitstream (by correct I mean decodeable by most popular ProRes decoders),
  • encoded frame size more or less equal to size  produced by native Apple encoder
  • encoder performs better of ffmpeg/apple versions

maximum goal is:

  • encoded frame binary identical to Apple native encoder produce
  • encoder performs better of Apple native encoder

so basically maximum goal is to create better version of Apple Prores encoder without source codes 🙂

here in blog I am going to post my progress and thoughts and I think will share code on GitHub

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